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At Mainstream Mental Health Services

We work to collaborate with all providers for the purposes of working with individuals and families to help them become more successful in their communities. Each service that we provide has its own person-centered focus designed to encourage personal growth and continuity of care, from the quality immediate interventions provided with outpatient crisis stabilization to the independent living skills provided with mental health skill building to the encouragement and use of socialization and group dynamics through psychosocial rehabilitation.

Mental Health
Skill Building

Qualifying individuals are trained in functional skills and appropriate behaviors related to personal health and safety, daily living activities, and the use of community resources.
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Lighthouse provides individuals with socialization and relationship building, educational groups addressing mental health issues, recreational activities, and so much more.
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Outpatient Crisis Stabilization & Psychotherapy

Our goal with Bridges to Hope is to provide quality immediate intervention and ongoing support focused on stability with the least restrictive treatment possible. This program is specific to children 5 & up, adolescents, and adults.
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Mainstream Mental Health Services, Inc. believes in providing goal directed training to individuals in need to achieve and maintain independence in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment. It is our mission to enable eligible older adolescents and adults to acquire life skills and develop stronger family and community relationships that will enhance their quality of life in the mainstream community.

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