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Newsletter – Issue 20 – November 2021

Community Service

Members of the management team volunteered at Manna Ministries at the Rescue Mission on October 20 from 1p.m.-3:30p.m.  We were tasked with making 144 boxes.  However, when we got carried away, we lost track and made too many.  We made so many more boxes that it built a literal wall across the back of the building.  When the Rescue Mission employee saw the number of boxes, she had a look of amazement.  Then it occurred to her that an event was coming up in December where they were going to need 400 boxes and we were the perfect team for the job!

We learned a little about inventory turnover, who qualifies for a goody box, and how to sign up to volunteer.  Manna Ministries turns over all their inventory every week.  They have been averaging 300 boxes from 7:30-10 a.m. every Saturday.  Current fresh produce is lettuce, lemons, and tomatoes.  They add freezer meats, desserts, and bread to the boxes on Saturday morning.  Anyone in the state of VA can register to receive a box.  Manna Ministries feeds hungry people including the elderly and people with children. A member of the Rescue Mission team will come to your vehicle to ask a few general questions to be enrolled in the program.  Select “Get Involved—Volunteer—Manna Ministries” to sign yourself up to volunteer on the Rescue Mission website.

Coca Cola donates the boxes, Little Caesars donates pizzas, Feeding America helps provide Manna food, and they do a pickup from Kroger five days a week. 

November Birthdays  

Charles Ingram – 11/4
Cheryl Dayton – 11/13
Cara Hite – 11/15
Bonnie Galvan – 11/16

Angel Bryant – 11/19
Ashley Hupp – 11/20
Cheryl Thompson – 11/22

Keona Shelor – 11/24
Casey Coleman – 11/28
Janet Morgan – 11/29

PSR Calendar for November

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