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Newsletter – Issue 11 – January 2021

Setting Goals

After all the upheaval in 2020, people may fall into hopelessness about their future and just make the most of the present situation. This is a big mistake. Goals can be an excellent distraction from thinking about all the things in the world you have no control over (Saunders). Having goals gives you a sense of self-determination that you have the autonomy to make choices in your life and the competence to achieve them (Saunders).

In fact, considering current events may be information to create good goals. Michelson suggests assessing accomplishments made in 2020 to give a sense of priorities and strengths for goal setting in 2021. What did you enjoy doing or what insight did you gain from what other people said about you?

According to Mary Kiracofe, Field Support Specialist for Mainstream, 2020 was a difficult year for all. “I suggest that others reflect on 2020 and their own areas of personal growth despite the challenging times. Accomplishing a piece of a larger goal of just maintaining your overall health and well-being in 2020 is something to be proud of considering the challenges we have all faced. 2021 is the perfect opportunity to get back on track and work toward those goals that may have been put on the back burner to take care of yourself and others in 2020.”

Also, setting resolutions with someone else may help you make realistic goals. For example, a friend who knows you struggle with organization may say to start with small projects. Including other people in a reward for goal attainment facilitates support in helping you live up to a goal. Planning a celebration for an accomplishment is something to incentivize the hard work that goes along with focusing on trying until you succeed.

Mary Kiracofe says, “I encourage all of our individuals to ask themselves what they would like to change about their lives and make it happen. Regain your independence, reduce hospitalization, or conquer social anxiety? Nothing is impossible. Your desired personal changes or large goals may take time to accomplish but those goals are achievable with a person-centered plan and support. A large goal can feel overwhelming at times. I suggest identifying and focusing on smaller tasks or steps (ISP objectives) needed to achieve your goal, as to make gradual progress and positive change. I encourage you all to continue to talk to your Mainstream service providers about specific goals and dreams you have for 2021.”

So what types of goals are right for you? Ramsey says goals have to be your desires. After all, working on someone else’s goal is not likely to be something you are passionate about. You can have goals for each area of your life such as finances, health, relationships, recreation, or personal development.

Mary Kiracofe concludes, “2020 was a challenging year and stressful year for all. I personally think one of the most important goals any of us could have is related to healthy coping skills to boost mental well-being. Everyone should have their own go-to coping skill set or toolbox to use when your mental well-being needs a boost. What are healthy coping skills? Some examples are meditation, crafting, journaling, deep breathing, exercise, safe socialization, listening to music, reading, or other enjoyable activities that are healthy in nature. My go-to healthy coping skills include exercise, crafting, meditation, and listening to music. I encourage everyone to find healthy coping skills that work for them and try to use those skills consistently to boost mental well-being.”

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