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Employee Spotlight – Casey Coleman

Casey Coleman joined the Mainstream Family this past October of 2019. Prior to being employed with Mainstream Mental Health Services, she received a B. A. in Sociology from the Virginia University of Lynchburg in 2015. There she was connected with the field of mental health by her professor whose brother was in a group home. She received support and encouragement by this professor in her job as a direct support professional while working in the group home. It was at that point that she discovered how much she liked helping people in the human services field. Prior to mental health, she had worked with the elderly. Casey has had 10 plus years’ experience in mental health.

Casey likes to see clients succeed and make progress. Not every day is going to be a good day but she can encourage her clients to do better and make progress. She is able to see growth in the way the clients are able to make better choices. In her own experience, she is a single mother and relates to her own progress of being in low income to have a goal and to make it.

Casey wanted a company where she felt appreciated and found it at Mainstream. Considering all aspects, it is actually the best company she has ever worked for. She feels supported and she loves her boss and everybody is super nice. “I feel so happy and appreciated since they actually care about you as a person and not just an employee.” The overtime is a great option to pick up extra units instead of getting an extra job for extra money.

Casey likes to spend time with family and do out-of-town shopping. It is her goal to get a master’s degree to become a licensed clinical social worker. Mainstream enjoys having Casey as part of the family and are excited to see her grow and succeed in every aspect.

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