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Employee Spotlight – Kathryn Mulvaney-Yopp

Kathryn Mulvaney-Yopp is the Crisis Stabilization Coordinator for Bridges to Hope, that provides direct crisis interventions to avoid a further decompensation, psychiatric hospitalization, institutional placement and/or judicial intervention. Kathryn graduated with a B.S. in 2007 from Radford University with a double major in psychology and marketing.

“We want the client to be successful in every area of their life in the services they are receiving,” she says. Clients keep their necessary appointments with other workers. Furthermore, Bridges to Hope also has collateral contact with who to share successes with and who to collaborate with.

By being in communication with the referral sources—schools, hospitals, community service boards, and self-referrals—the program speaks for itself. Kathryn wants the program to be utilized by both children and adults. Mainstream is a program of choice for providing a service to help clients maintain stability.

Clients like the flexibility in their treatment and the major say of what their goals are. They are there because they are in crisis. Some days are expected to be “hospital” days if they are not going to continue to be in crisis. Willingness to accept feedback and change as well as try new things are good qualities for participation.

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